A Frenchie to the Alanis Morissette’s concert in Praha
13.08. 11:35

As I promised you I continue to talk to you about my different experiences in Praha (Don’t hesitate to stop me if you think it is too boring…). Well, yesterday, thanks to my company, I had the...

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50 passeports pour l’avenir
07.08. 11:20

I came here thanks to the program ’50 passeports pour l’avenir’ that we can translate as ’50 passports for the future’. It is an initiative from the French Embassy in the...

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Sazavafest, 2nd day
06.08. 18:26

After a pretty good night at the ‘scary’ hotel, the Friday began well. During all the afternoon, I roamed from stage to stage delighting very good music acts such as Jana Lota, Anna K, Neřež,...

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Sazavafest, the 1st day
06.08. 18:23

So here I was, onn the last Thursday afternoon of July, under a shinny sun, I land in the car that drove us from Prague to Kacov. On the way to go, I took note with the program and the map of the festival. I...

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French girl coming to Czech lands
06.08. 18:18

I am a French student, who came here in internship for 2 months thanks to the program “50 passports for the future”. (I will explain later).

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Beatrice B.

Exchange about music, festivals, Czech Republic in general, France, Sweden, or whatever can be interesting!
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I am an intern, that came to work in Prague for the whole summer in the Lagardere group. Before coming in Prague, I spend my last year of studies before graduation in Sweden as part of the Erasmus program. In France, my school is the Rennes International Business School.


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